Low Mood, Low Action

There are big Time gaps in posts here, frankly because I lost interest. I wanted this blog to be a record of how life continued during this unprecedented lockdown and more recent attempts to gradually move out of it toward a new normal!

the lack of social contact with friends and family really has been taking its toll. My mood has been low, motivation low and more recently suffering low esteem. Thoughts of friends meeting behind my back are creeping in and relationships in my bubble are straining.

Katy returned to London about two weeks ago and Nicky continues to work long days from home! Ella is still furloughed. I have had work on with large illustration project but contact with my client has at times been sporadic, leading me to believe the work I have been doing has not been good enough and taking too long. I now know that to be not true and illustrates how my mind is struggling with this rather sudden change in daily life.

Cummings Failure

over the last few days it has emerged that Dominic Cummings (senior aide to the OM) flouted lockdown rules and travelled over 200 miles with his family to be near his parents. The press during this lockdown on the large have been quite irresponsible so these claims cannot be taken at face value, however, the PMs open defence of is side yesterday suggests there is indeed truth in these claimed.


I have never voted Tory and probably never will but I have supported the PM, Boris Johnson, in his handling of this pandemic, trusting him in his statements and believing him to do the best job possible in circumstances that have no precedent. His speaches have been bold and to me his message has made sense and deserves to be followed. However that trust has been shattered with his support of Cummings where others have had to resign for irresponsibly flouting the rules and guidance they themselves have been demanding from the British people. I think even trickier times are ahead now that trust in our PM and his government has overnight come crashing down.

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