I may have panicked (a bit)!

Nicky woke early feeling like crap. Symptoms were headache and sore throat. I checked her temperature and that was fine at 35.7℃, but this didn’t stop me from going around the house, spraying and wiping all surfaces I think she touched while going down to make a cup of tea earlier in morning.

This led to my first shopping trip out since the lockdown. I managed to get disinfectant, cleaning cloths and sponges as well as some eggs and milk. Basic supplies were very low and still no loo roll, kitchen paper, pasta, tinned food etc. However, a trip to Aldi afterwards found there shelves well stocked, including kitchen and loo rolls and pasta. I didn’t need pasta so didn’t buy any. I only mention these as stocks have been off the shelves for over a week now what with twats panic buying. Also managed to get some bananas for the mother-in-laws neighbour, which I left on the door step, rang bell and legged it. From safety of other side of the road she answered the door and so I thought it funny to call out “Bring out your dead!”. She laughed, but on reflection this may have not been such a good shout.

Nicky didn’t work today but continued to have a bad head through most of the day. Soar throat eased and we think it was just a Migraine. I briefed Ella to deep clean kitchen and bathroom then left the house for my shed/office where I then proceeded to spend most of the day working on the Pulse project.

Ended up getting quite stressed with work as creative block and conflicting instructions from the client made the job tricky, to the point that later in the evening I had to draft an email about my concerns regarding the illustration style I was being asked to follow/develop. I really need this work but started feeling that due to perceived creative conflict and pricing it may not happen.

On re-entering the house Nicky was feeling better and supportive of my stress and insisted we watch a fantasy escapism film – so watched Marvels Black Panther. So, not a very humorous days report, but I guess in these times that isn’t always gunna be possible. AND I didn’t get to go out and take my mountain bike out. Instead I did take Loki up to Buckholt Woods, that are normally quiet, apart from a few dog walking regulars and mountain bikers. This evening though there were 10x more people up there than normal, not staying at home. I guess there argument would be the same as mine in that I was out doing my one form of exercise a day.

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