Keeping Fit!

For the one form of exercise I am allowed to do each day I choose Mountain Biking. Diving is out as all dive boats are closed and shore/inland sites either closed or inaccessible within the ‘measures’. I am lucky to have some excellent trails close at hand at Cranham and Buckholt Woods, so plan to take full and safe advantage of them.

Have just checked my bike – put air in tyres, oiled chain and packed backpack with emergency tools, first aid kit and fluids for myself (water with SIS added). Hopefully will set off later after I have completed the days work and client meeting (by phone of course).

CoronArse-1 Ride

My one daily outdoor exercise done.
Wanted to do my usual ride up back of Prinknash Bird Park but gate at cottage now locked by new owners with signs saying ‘Private Access’. Bikers have been using that access for decades. Real shame. Only route up to Buckholt Woods now is the killer 12-20% gradient climb of The Portway! It’s been a while since I rode this so had to walk sections of it to stop my lungs coming out my ears.
Cracking sunny afternoon though and very few people about with the roads being nice n quiet what with the lockdown n all. Fairly pleased with my efforts though seeing I haven’t ridden for 6-8 weeks.

back into isolation now until tomorrow’s ride… maybe!

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